Retirements Plans

Sponsoring a retirement plan in today’s complex world is challenging for most employers. Managing the day-to-day activities of the plan is cumbersome enough, but combined with the added responsibility of having to stay abreast of the potential regulatory and legislative changes, it is an intimidating task to be sure.

Given your many other company responsibilities, you might wonder how you can even begin to keep up with what you need to know about your company’s retirement plan. Fortunately, there is an effective way to help you manage your responsibilities and mitigate your risk: Engage an expert.

Not all advisors are created equal. NFP retirement plan advisors provide a process-driven, comprehensive delivery of services to ensure that all facets of your company’s retirement plan are effectively addressed.

Our high-quality, consultative approach is independent from any particular product manufacturer or retirement plan provider. In fact, our advisors have access to a full spectrum of providers in the marketplace, so they can provide an attractive solution for your plan.

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans – These plans provide value to both employers and their employees. They give employers a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining quality employees, and they provide employees with a convenient way to save for retirement. In fact, in some cases, an employer-sponsored retirement plan may be the only financial investment an employee makes in their future.

There are a number of retirement plan types available today to employers. Below are some of the more popular plans that companies may offer:

• 1081.01 (401k) Plans
• Profit Sharing
• Keogh Plans

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