Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Whether you are looking for a health plan for 2 or 2000 employees IKON insurance can help you identify the plan design, insurance carrier and communication strategy that is best suited to your company needs. We have the expertise to help you identify and prioritize your needs, according to your budget, your employee retention goals and your employee profile. Not all health plans are created equal. Call us today to begin the process of getting your benefits package aligned with your company’s strategy.

Pharmacy, Dental and Vision

At IKON we know that the complexity of benefits options and plans costs can be very time consuming. This is why when helping our customers design their health benefits package we explore the various options. From the rising costs of specialty drugs to the wide variety of dental and vision plans, we are constantly exploring the market, negotiating with the vendors and assisting our customers choose a stand-alone or bundled package of benefits that is right for them.

Business One® Health Plan for Small Employers

Small employers are a vital section of our economy, providing specialized services and offering needed jobs to employees. However, the cost of offering benefits is challenging and even when the budget allows for a health plan, administrating it and negotiating with a large insurance company can be a time consuming, highly specialized endeavor that not all small employers can handle. IKON has an excellent program to address these needs. Under our Business One® suite of services and solutions small to medium size employers (2-99 employees) can rest assure that expert professionals are on your side supporting your insurance needs. Find out what Business One® can do for your company by making an appointment with one of our team members today.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

ERISA, HIPAA, ACA, are just a few of the acronyms that require great level of time and attention when it comes to compliance. At IKON we not only stay on top of the latest regulations, we have solutions geared towards helping our customers do the same. From understanding the new rules, to figuring out the impact on their plans, costs and procedures, we offer various tools and options to support you and help you avoid costly fines. Our customers receive newsletters, invitations to webinars, answers to their questions and access to products and services tailored to keeping them in compliance.

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