Income Protection

Ancillary and Income Protection

Employees are looking for benefits packages to include protection for their families in case they are not able to keep their current income due to injury, accidents or even death. This is why employers provide access to life and disability insurance. There are a variety of ways to provide this coverage and deciding the right coverage level, funding mechanism and cost is something we help you determine. Contact IKON to explore your needs and current income protection plans. From SINOT policies at competitive rates, to Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Short-Term Disability and Voluntary Life insurance, we can help you obtain the coverage that is right for your employees.

Voluntary and Executive Benefits

Employees are often unaware of the impact that a disability, even a temporary one, can have on their income and therefore on their families. Having the correct amount of insurance coverage it’s important for everyone, but not everyone has the same financial responsibilities. Savvy Human Resources Professionals and Administrators look out for their employees’ well being and include in their benefits packages alternatives for additional income protection insurance. IKON can help you identify solutions for optional Long-Term Disability coverage, as well as the insurance policies everyone needs; from home, to auto, to liability coverage, our team of experts can visit your company and bring the right solutions to the comfort of your executive suite, or your cafeteria. A voluntary benefits solution that is tailored made for each employee will increase your employees’ satisfaction and ensure the right level of protection for their families.

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